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About Us

Why Canadian Manufacturers need Lucas FMI Innovations:

Lucas Freight Management Inc. is an innovative provider of freight/shipping solutions. Canadian manufacturing has been severely challenged with its overdependence on American customers, fluctuations in the value of the Canadian dollar, and the international economic slow-down. One of the largest costs to manufacturing in Canada is freight. The shipping costs of getting suppliers’ raw materials to the plant, and the shipping costs of getting finished goods to the wholesalers, retailers, or directly to the customers has been experiencing exponential growth. The total freight/shipping costs quite often exceed 30% of the total input costs required to produce a product. This is where a Lucas FMI solution can mean the difference between a viable and profitable manufacturing business and bankruptcy.

How we help the individual manufacturer:

Lucas FMI solutions provide a productivity gain through lowering the incremental cost per unit shipped by using less-than-full Ioad carriers. This means that weight considerations can, to a large degree, be eliminated as skid size or linear feet become the defining cost variable.

Secondly, the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of the shipment with very little lead time provides additional cost savings, as such services as consolidation and optimization are built into the Lucas FMI solution.

Thirdly, the manufacturer’s capacity is increased because the Lucas FMI solution takes care of much of the administration, such as tracking and destination notifications, at no additional cost.

How we help to increase overall manufacturing productivity:

By providing an integrated traffic/freight service that matches unproductive and unused space on trailers across a large database of carriers with the shipping requirements of a large number of manufacturers, Lucas FMI increases the overall productivity of all Canadian manufacturers. We turn a quarter-load travelling down the highway to a three-quarter load. We take half-loads and make them full loads. What Lucas FMI does is lower the cost per unit for everyone. There is no cost for this service, which will assist in exponential benefits to the overall-manufacturing sector.

Even a slight reduction in freights cost will drop right to the bottom line of every manufacturer and can go a long way to increasing Canadian manufacturers’ resilience to market fluctuations.

How we help you get started:

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